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When countries aren’t good enough: there are 197 sovereign states in the world. Country subdivisions and the smallest map units.


Tiny country points: Some countries don’t read well on thematic choropleth data maps. Color code the dots with the same information as the larger country polygons to communicate data that would otherwise be lost.

Same as the 50m tiny countries, except filtered where [ScaleRank] <= 2. Disclaimer

Natural Earth Vector draws boundaries of sovereign states according to defacto status. We show who actually controls the situation on the ground. For instance, we show China and Taiwan as two separate states. But we show Palestine as part of Israel. Please feel free to mashup our country (link) and disputed areas (link) themes to match your particular political outlook.


Sovereign states, map units, map subunits, and scale ranks are deliberately not included at the 110m scale. If you would find them useful, please drop us a note telling us why and we may acquiesce.

Version History

The master changelog is available on Github »