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Name Author Genre Extras Description
DONKEY.BAS IBM Game donkey_decoded.txt
ORIGWIZ.BAS Game wizcastle_decoded.txt
GORILLA.BAS Microsoft Game GORILLA_decoded.txt GORILLA_linenum.txt
MONEY.BAS Microsoft Financial
NIBBLE.BAS Microsoft Game
QBLOCKS.BAS Microsoft Game
REMLINE.BAS Microsoft QB tools
REVERSI.BAS Microsoft Game
SORTDEMO.BAS Microsoft Sound demo
qbwrite.bas UWLabs c/o Text editor
invaders.bas Taito Game
midiplay.bas JOEL YLILUOMA Music
12HPSET.BAS Public Domain Show patterns using PSET in mode 12h
2BINARY$.BAS Public Domain Make a binary string from an integer value
320X240.BAS Public Domain Doug Lusher's Modex for Qb4.5
320X240Q.BAS Public Domain Modex for Qbasic Interpreter or QB4.5
4LEVEL.BAS Public Domain Graphic effect using PUT and GET
5LEAF.BAS Public Domain Alex Wellerstein's graphic effect using DRAW
826_BIT.BAS Public Domain Encode 8-bit characters in 6-bit text format
AH-CIRC.BAS Public Domain Andy Hayes' circle graphic
ALEXSAVE.BAS Public Domain Alex Wellerstein's polygon screen effect
ALRMBOBS.BAS Public Domain Shade bobs with a really annoying sound effect
ANIMA5.BAS Public Domain Tony Caves' graphic animation example program
ANIMA6.BAS Public Domain An update to the Anima5.bas program
ANSIFUNC.BAS Public Domain Put .ANS data into a function returning a string
ANSISHOW.BAS Public Domain Display .ANS files without ANSI.SYS in QBasic/QB
ANSISUB.BAS Public Domain A QB SUB to display .ANS file without ANSI.SYS
ARG!!.BAS Public Domain A simple game for QB/QBasic in mode 13h
ARGS_EX.BAS Public Domain Count command line arguments in QB
AURORA.BAS Public Domain Changing text background by palette manipulation
AW_WOW.BAS Public Domain Alex Wellerstein's bouncing logo graphic
A_WORM.BAS Public Domain Text mode 'worm' eats characters - restore on exit
BALLS.BAS Public Domain Dave Morrow's metallic spheres graphic in mode 13h
BAS2BAS.BAS Public Domain Converts number from one numerical base to another
BASMENU.BAS Public Domain QBasic menu launch QBasic programs (reads directory)
BCOPY.BAS Public Domain Opens file in BINARY and writes it elsewhere
BEACHBAL.BAS Public Domain Bouncing ball animation demo in mode 12h
BEEP!.BAS Public Domain Several sound effects in QBasic
BEES.BAS Public Domain Richard Dale's screen effect in mode 12h
BIGPALET.BAS Public Domain Rotating the palette in mode 13h to use more colors
BIGSTR.BAS Public Domain Input routine to edit big string in limited space
BIN-LONG.BAS Public Domain Convert long integers to variable length binary strings
BIN_RAND.BAS Public Domain Using BINARY and RANDOM file modes with data bases
BIOSCRSR.BAS Public Domain Setting the DOS cursor for console output in QB
BLOSSOM.BAS Public Domain Matthew Pulley's mode 13h graphic display
BOUNCEB.BAS Public Domain Dave Morrow's bouncing balls graphic for mode 13h
BRESNHAM.BAS Public Domain Using Bresenham circle and line algorithms in mode 13h
BRITEBAK.BAS Public Domain Changing the palette to use other text background colors
BSV&LD.BAS Public Domain Demonstrates using BSAVE and BLOAD for mode 13h screens
BUBBLES.BAS Public Domain Mode 12h circles appear to come at you like blown bubbles
CABLEOFF.BAS Mode 7h random static graphic effect (copycat cableout.bas)
CABLEOUT.BAS Dave Morrow's mode 7h random static graphic effect
CARDPICS.BAS Mode 12h demo to draw, save, load, and display data
CARDS.BAS Text mode deck creation, display, and shuffling demo
CARDSANY.BAS Create and shuffle Poker and Tarot decks in QBasic
CGSCRLBR.BAS Carl Gorringe's text mode scroll bar
CHNGE_EX.BAS QBasic code to make change using least bills/coins
CHRCOUNT.BAS Count occurrences of a given character in a file in QB
CHRSTRIP.BAS Strips non-alphnumeric characters from a file
CHR_CODE.BAS Shows the CHR$ codes of keys pressed
CIRC1.BAS Makes a smiley face using CIRCLE in mode 12h
CIRCBURN.BAS A variation on Mike Castelli's mode 13h grapic display
CIRCFILL.BAS Mode 12h graphic display with time and date display
CIRCSAV.BAS Variation on Circfill.bas with text screen restore
CLOTH.BAS Andrew K. Dart's mode 12h graphic display looks like fiber
CNVRTBAS.BAS Demo of numerical base conversion in QBasic
COLRBAKC.BAS James Broadbent's mode 12h message box display
COMMAS.BAS Putting commas into numerical strings in QBasic
COMPARRY.BAS Comparing contents of arrays in QBasic
CONCAT.BAS Concatenates files divided using SPLITTER.BAS
CONFETTI.BAS Mode 13h grapical display resembles falling confetti
CONSANSI.BAS Read and display .ANS files using ANSI.SYS in QBasic
CURDIR.BAS Find current working directory using SHELL command
CYBPUNK.BAS Mode 13h moving text demonstration
DAYERROR.BAS Returns day of week as DOS errorcode. QB .EXE only
DAYOWEEK.BAS QBasic routines to figure day of week
DELAY_EX.BAS Example of using BIOS clock for an elapse timer
DICE.BAS A simple dice game in QBasic
DICT.BAS Parses text file into 26 sorted files with no dupes
DICTNARY.BAS Parse and merge sort text file into alpha sort word list
DIEFLY.BAS Aaron Tucker's mode 13h display reminds of an insect
DIRLIST.BAS Scrolling directory list for QB only
ELVIS.BAS Window input routine with password ability
ERASE_EX.BAS Example of using ERASE with dynamic arrays
ERRCODES.BAS QBasic SUB with error codes given as strings
ERRLEV.BAS Return errorlevel in standalone QB .EXE
EXE_APND.BAS Binary append of data to an existing .EXE file
EXTPALET.BAS Palette rotation in QBasic
EZBOBS.BAS Shade bobs in mode 13h
FADE-IO.BAS Fading text in and out using PALETTE
FADE13.BAS Using hardware palette access to fade a graphic display
FAKEDOS.BAS A fake DOS lists directories but won't run anything
FASTBOBS.BAS Another mode 13h shade bobs implementation
FERN.BAS Rodney Taylor's fern leaf fractal display
FILEBAG.BAS Qbasic tool to bundle and separate files
FILECOMP.BAS Compare the contents of two files in QBasic
FILETEST.BAS Test existence of a file in QBasic using ON ERROR
FINDIGIT.BAS SUBs to extract alpha and numeric data from strings
FINDTEXT.BAS QBasic example of search a file for a text string
FIREWORK.BAS Dave Morrow's mode 12h fireworks graphical display
FIRWRKS2.BAS Dave Morrow's mode 13h fireworks graphical display
FLAME2.BAS Mathew Robertson's 13h flames graphical display
FLOPS.BAS Nick Beltran's mode 13h metal bars graphical display
FOREST.BAS James McMurrin's graphic demo of a math principle
FREAK.BAS Kevin Krumwiede's mode 12h graphic demo with CIRCLE
GAMEBASE.BAS A collection of routines forming the base for a game
GAMEOVER.BAS Nathan Bright's big letters in graphics example
GASKET.BAS Kevin Krumwiede's mode 12h demo of a Sierpinski gasket
GET13PUT.BAS Using GET and PUT to save/restore a mode 13h screen
GETKEYS.BAS Using INKEY$ to get keyboard input
GRAPH.BAS James Broadbent's realtime graphing example
GRAVPAD.BAS Reading the Gravis Gamepad in QBasic
GRIDMENU.BAS Highlited grid type menu for QBasic
HDWRSCR2.BAS Earl Montgomery's 2nd example of hardware scrolling
HDWRSCRL.BAS Earl Montgomery's 1st attempt at hardware scrolling
HDWSCRL1.BAS Earl Montgomery's 1st example of hardware scrolling
HEX32DEC.BAS Qbasic routines for hexatridecimal conversions
HISCOREX.BAS Maintain a sorted high scores file in QBasic
HIWORLD.BAS Controlling the keyboard LEDs in QBasic
HPTRAILZ.BAS Bouncing lines in mode 12h
HTM2HTML.BAS Rename all files with .htm to .html with QBasic
INERTIA.BAS Graphical example of implementing gravity and intertia
INVNTORY.BAS Screen interface example for use with a database
JDBUB.BAS Joshua Dickerson's rising bubbles graphic display
JMSAVE.BAS James McMurrin's line based graphical display
KBARR.BAS Routine to read keyboard and track keys in array
KEYCMD.BAS Simple example of using KBARR routines in program
KEYDEFS.BAS Using extended keys such as cursor, home, and end
KEYQUIK.BAS Reading keyboard hardware port to speed input
KEYSHOW.BAS Shows scan codes for keys when pressed
KISSED.BAS Keep It Simple Stupid Editor - a text editor program
KKSTARS.BAS Moving starfield display in mode 12h
KMSCROLL.BAS Read and provide scrolling display of a file
KMSTARZ.BAS Kevin Moonlight's 2D scrolling starfield
KS_PAC.BAS Kevin Smith's Pacman graphic animation display
KWIKVIEW.BAS Reads and prints a text file
LABEL.BAS Reads disk label using SHELL and a temp file
LEAPDAYS.BAS Routine to identify leap years
LIGHTBAR.BAS Example of using a scrolling light bar to select text
LLED.BAS Simple editor showing use of linked lists in QBasic
LONGFN.BAS Use SHELL command to get long file names from DOS
MAPMAKER.BAS Define, save, and load example terrain map in QBasic
MARQUEE.BAS Theater marquee style text box for QBasic
MATHOP.BAS Parse basic math operations with *, +, -, and /
MENU02.BAS Keydriven menu with animated prompts
MODE13H.BAS Simple animation in mode 13h
MOON.BAS Douglas Lusher's moon bombardment graphic display
MOVE_EX.BAS Example of moving a character on a terrain map
NAMEBASE.BAS Example of creating/accessing a database in QBasic
NDXCRLF.BAS Creates an index array of CR/LF pairs for Binary viewers
NOBEEP.BAS Using direct video writes to display odd characters
NOBLINK.BAS Text mode with 16 background colors QB4.5 only
NULSHELL.BAS Redirect SHELL command output to NUL device
NUMBERS.BAS Print numerical values as text EX. one, two, three
ONKEY.BAS Using ONKEY to make hot keys for your programs
OOP.BAS Data encapsulation in QBasic using a STATIC SUB
PALPAL.BAS Hardware palette manipulation to fade in/out and restore
PALROT$.BAS Rotate palette forward and backward via hardware access
PARMS.BAS Set and read your program parameters in QBasic
PARSCMD.BAS Parse QB command line into array and count arguments
PASSTYPE.BAS Pass defined types and edit them in secondary modules
PCXVIEW.BAS Show a 320x200 .PCX file in mode 13h in QBasic
PLANETS.BAS Joshua Dickerson's graphic planetary motion demo
PLASMA.BAS Ian Remmler's graphic plasma display
PLASMA3.BAS Ian Remmler's graphic plasma display, complete
PLAYMOVE.BAS Moving graphical sprites in a playfield with obstacles
PLOTXY.BAS Plot points proportionally to a graphic display
PLYRMOVE.BAS Use GET and PUT to move sprite retaining background
POCKET.BAS Demonstration of fixed length strings in QBasic
POKE12.BAS Generate random graphic patterns in mode 12h
POLYSAVE.BAS Moving polygon graphic display with palette changes
POPUPS.BAS Demo using pop-up menus in QBasic
POSTIT72.BAS Make QBasic decodable files for text transmission
PRIME.BAS Find primes in QBasic and display with quick scroll
PRNTEST.BAS Get error report from the printer port in QBasic
PUTCHAR.BAS Using direct video access to read/write characters
PUTPIX12.BAS Compare QBasic 12h routines to manual pixel writes
QBERRS.BAS Error list for error trapping in QBasic
QBLANDER.BAS Playable Lunar lander game in mode 13h for QBasic
QBMEMV.BAS View your active RAM in hex/ascii using QBasic
QPOSTIT.BAS Postit!7.2 modified to be used in QBasic uncompiled
QUIKTERM.BAS Basic terminal emulation with ANSI emulation in QBasic
QUIKVIEW.BAS Displaying .ANS files in QBasic with ANSI.SYS loaded
QWKREAD.BAS Douglass Lusher's QWK packet reader QB only
R-W-TEST.BAS Basic file I/O example in QBasic
READ_INI.BAS Using .ini files with QBasic
READRAND.BAS Creates index of a text file and prints a random line
READSCR.BAS Reads input data from screen display
REGKEY.BAS Example of creating and testing registration keys
RGB-FLOW.BAS Bouncing discs graphic display in mode 12h
RGB13FLO.BAS More bouncing discs in mode 13h this time
RNDOP_EX.BAS Example of generating random opponents in QBasic
RNDSTR.BAS Example of randomizing the contents of a string
ROMANS.BAS Convert integers to roman numeral strings
ROTLINE.BAS Delete oldest line in file when adding new one.
ROUND2X.BAS Round to n places without PRINT USING in QBasic
SANDR.BAS Search and replace for QBasic strings
SCALFONT.BAS Creating and Use scalable graphic mode fonts in QBasic
SCREEN7.BAS Using multiple screens in mode 7h
SCROLBOX.BAS Resizable scrollbox with text hi-lite
SCROLL12.BAS Smooth scrolling text in graphic mode 12h
SCROLL13.BAS Smooth scrolling text in graphic mode 13h
SCROLLY.BAS Scroll text in text mode
SEETIME.BAS Read and display the BIOS clock
SETCAPS.BAS Set CAPSLOCK to on or off in QBasic
SHIFT.BAS Bit shifting emulation for QBasic
SHIFTED.BAS Show shift status by reading BIOS shift bits
SHOWKEYS.BAS Show CHR$ value of keys
SHOWTIME.BAS Display time onscreen while waiting for key input
SLWPRNT.BAS Ray Turner's slow print routine
SNOW.BAS Mode 13h graphic display resembling falling snow
SP13H.BAS Mode 13h graphic display using lines and palette changes
SPACEEYE.BAS Mode 12h graphic display resembling an eye
SPEK.BAS Mode 13h graphic display
SPHERES.BAS Mode 13h graphic display emulating spheres
SPHERES2.BAS Mode 13h graphic display umulating spheres
SPLITTER.BAS Break large files into 1M sections
SPRITE.BAS Write data directly to PUT buffer
SPRITMSK.BAS Smooth sprite animation with background in Mode 13h
SPRSAVE.BAS Save and load sprite data using arrays
STARRUSH.BAS Mode 12h starfield simulation with forward motion
STARS_DR.BAS David Rothschild's starfield display for Mode 12h
STARZ.BAS Stephen van Loendersloot's paralax scrolling starfield
STEEL.BAS Tony Cave's steel ball Mode 13h graphic screen effect
STR2LONG.BAS Returns the value of a numerical string with commas
STRWIN.BAS A string input window for QBasic
STRZ_TC.BAS Tony Cave's forward motion starfield for Mode 12h
SUBGOSUB.BAS Illustrates the differences between SUB and GOSUB
SUBTUTOR.BAS Tutorial program on the use of QBasic SUBs and FUNCTIONs
SVGA_XTB.BAS 800x600x256 SVGA Graphical display using lines and palettes
TAPETIME.BAS Tool for calculating total time for musical selections
TAXCALC.BAS A first program : calculates sales tax
TBSTARZ.BAS Tyler Barnes' moving starfield display for Mode 13h
TBSTARZ2.BAS Tyler Barnes' forward moving starfield display for Mode 12h
TESTCOLR.BAS Test palette colors for VGA text modes for redefine
TESTDISK.BAS Test disk status with QBasic
TEXTVIEW.BAS A limited simple text viewer for QBasic
THEWOODS.BAS A playable text-based adventure game for QBasic
TILES.BAS Graphic display using tiles in Mode 12h
TIRED.BAS Mandie N.'s Mode 13h graphical display
TIRED2.BAS A variation on Mandie N.'s mode 13h display
TREKWAR.BAS Denis Boyles' animated graphic display
TRIANGLE.BAS Carl Gorringe's variation on a Sierpinski gasket
TRIFRACT.BAS Carl Gorringe's second variation on Sierpinski gaskets
TSMYST.BAS Trevor Sinclair's QBasic version of Mystify Your Mind
VESA101.BAS Vesa Mode 101h 60x480x256 graphic display for QB only
VESA102.BAS Vesa Modes 101h and 102h example code for QB only
VESABROT.BAS Earl Montgomery's Mandelbrot sets in SVGA Vesa modes
VGASCROL.BAS Smooth scroll text in VGA modes using PUT and GET
VIRTSCRN.BAS Douglas Lusher's extended scrolling screen for QBasic
WILLTELL.BAS The William Tell Overture using the QBasic PLAY command
WRDCOUNT.BAS Count the number of words in a text file in QBasic
WUMPUS2.BAS Playable text based game, Hunt the Wumpus
XMASTUNE.BAS Aaron Tucker's Qbasic Xmas tune jukebox using PLAY
YINYANG.BAS Alex Wellerstein's YinYang graphic effect
zip-peek.bas Zip files reader


Name Language Download
Q-Basic 1.10 ENG English
Q-Basic 1.10 FRA français
Q-Basic 1.10 GER Deutsch
Q-Basic 1.10 ITA italiano
Q-Basic 1.10 NLD Nederlands
Q-Basic 1.10 POR Português
Q-Basic 1.10 SPA español
Q-Basic 1.10 SWE svenska